Celaine Concepts was founded by Quincy van Kampen in 2020 during the beginning of lockdown.

Inspired just before the crisis during a trip through China and Japan, her love for ceramics arose. As the world changed rapidly, she strongly felt this was the right time to make her visions become reality. This meant creating her designs in her home country, The Netherlands.

With a strong focus on branding and creative expression, the journey on building a brand started.

We mainly have an intuitive approach to working with our manufacturers as well as our clients. We believe in working together with people who have the same values as we do.

Good design is as little design as possible. Simple yes, easy no. We always make sure our designs are thoughtful, strong yet timeless. Nature is our greatest inspiration.

By providing insight into our manufacturers and telling the story about the craftsmanship, we hope to encourage a deeper connection between our customer and Celaine.


Anna joined the company in its early stage as a Graphic Designer. Designing is in her veins and her work is the first step in making sure that our visions become reality.
We believe branding done right, has power.

It shapes perception, informs interaction and inspires emotion.

Having a background in studying ceramics in her hometown, Nove, the fatherland of ceramics since 1700, it was only a matter of time before we headed there.

Both design and true craftsmanship needs time. The time and effort that goes into every design is often underestimated. We have learned to embrace the process and think it is just as important to show as the final product.

People got used to have everything available quickly for less money. We think it is cool to stand out and really value the craftsmanship that comes with creating the perfect piece.