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We see styling as a form of storytelling, where you begin with a blank page and gradually fill it in with the details you desire.
Without even having to speak, styling strives to evoke a mood.


Right now, we are working on a beautiful styling project on Ibiza.
Together with our client we decided that we’d like to keep the authentic aspects of the house. After all, this is what will make the house a home.

Our goal is to (re)style this property in a way that it feels both new & fresh as well as a cozy family home. Exactly how an authentic Spanish finca should feel like.

Starting with a blank page, we gradually build a mood that meets the needs of our clients.
Dedicated to the finest details and originality, we contrast raw with refined,
vintage and modern, shapes, materials, and colors in a signiture way.


Sergio Herman x Martini

We had the pleasure to decorate this great event of Sergio Herman x Martini on a beautiful location in the iconic A'DAM tower.

Having the best view outside, as well as on the table. Our little meringue is a great decoration item for your table setting!

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We look forward to the prospectof working with you.

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