Our Craftmanship

Celaine Concepts is dedicated to the highest levels of detail and creative expression. 

We design ceramics that will spice up your interior, make it cozy, make it fun. Home is not a place, it's a feeling. We think it's important to stay close to yourself, that's why our ceramics are designed and handcrafted in the Netherlands. Using as many sustainable & recyclable elements as possible.

Celaine Concepts vases are hand crafted, sculpted and glazed inside, which requires the unique know-how of specialized craftsmen. The surfaces of the work are raw and natural. Every vase is designed with care & love. The high-fired character makes a beautiful decorative piece to spice up your interior. Water tight, because real flowers are always a good idea! 

First we start by sketching our vases on paper, after which we will start the process. Before we start producing a color, we mix the right pigments to make sure the color fits our needs. 

To ensure an outstanding quality, our vases require multiple heating phases. A Meringue vase for example requires three heating phases, spread over six days.

As a final stage, the Celaine Concepts stamps are applied carefully by hand, the final touch in the realization of this magnificent gift item.