Brand Story

When visiting China in January 2020, right before Covid-19 took over the world, I got inspired about all the beautiful ceramics I saw there. The idea to import these ceramics to The Netherlands started there. Not knowing the enormous pandemic that awaited us. The world was locked and my idea fell apart. But, every disadvantage has its advantage. Why not just create things in my own country?

That's how the creative process started... After months of being in a rollercoaster of feelings, when trying to build a new product and business in difficult times, I'm proud to show you the results of my first Ceramics serie.

Butterflies have always been an inspiration to me. For that reason, the butterfly is central to our brand. Our butterfly stands for change, trust, growth, freedom, strength, beauty, creativity, wanderlust and happiness. I’m a true believer of the butterfly effect 'a small positive vibration can change the entire cosmos'.

We don't do mass production, every product is handcrafted. For that reason they may differ slightly from each other. 

Is your favorite product sold out? Pre-order, and the ceramics will be thrown, glazed and fired made to order. 

Hope our products make your surroundings a happier place.

With Love, Quincy