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Marshmallow Meringue Macaron Vase Set - Taupe

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€199,95 EUR
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Marshmallow, Meringue & Macron Vases Taupe

Our Triple set Vases in porcelain stoneware consisting of the Marshmallow, Meringue and Macaron, for the ones who simply can't choose!

Our Italian products are created from porcelain stoneware with a coating of mixed metals and sand that make the surfaces look natural raw. This exclusive glaze is the signature of our Italian atelier, bringing a whole new life to the design texture. 

Each object is skillfully handmade by artisans in small batches. Resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces refined by expert hands to guarantee the final products quality.

Water tight!

Marshmallow: Ø 16,8 H21,5 cm - Mouth of the vase: Ø 5 cm

Meringue: Ø 12 H13 cm - Mouth of the vase: Ø 2,2 cm

Macaron: Ø 16,5 H11 cm - Mouth of the vase: Ø 11,3 cm

Please note: Photos are only indicative. As each item is 100% handmade they may differ slightly from photos. Please note that when this item sells out, it will become available for pre-order.

In case of pre-order: This means the item is temporary out of stock, however they are available to purchase in advance. As our products are handcrafted, the order may be delivered in 2-4 weeks. Payment will be taken in advance.